Alternatives to Google AdSense: The Top 22 Ad Networks to Try in 2021

In spite of Google AdSense being the most popular ad network for publishers just getting started with ad monetization, the search term "AdSense alternatives" has become increasingly popular. If you are new to ad technology, it is recommended that you begin with AdSense to gain a thorough understanding of the basics.

Publishers may find themselves looking for alternatives to Google AdSense at some point during their ad monetization journey. Because of this, the industry never fails to provide exactly what publishers are looking for.

Some of the reasons why you should look for AdSense alternatives

There are a variety of reasons to consider AdSense alternatives, the most important of which is the ability to manage ad units and placements on one's own.

The following are some of the most common reasons:

  • Many websites are rejected by Google AdSense because they do not have enough or appropriate content for advertisers.
  • Any internet marketing or webmaster forums are bound to have thread after thread with a title that goes something like... "AdSense banned me! ", and I'm sure you've seen them. Why?”
  • Google AdSense has a slew of rules, and the company monitors websites on a continuous basis. If you happen to break even one of the rules, they will not only ban your site, but they will also ban you and prevent you from opening another AdSense account in the future. And even if you manage to open one by some miracle and they later discover your deception, they will terminate your new account.
  • Was it ever brought to your attention that if you even accidentally click on an advertisement on your website, you could be banned for life?
  • There are many website owners who believe that the Google AdSense rules are simply too strict. Conforming to a plethora of rules frequently results in site design issues and the inability to express oneself through content.
  • In some cases, you will need to completely redesign your website in order to use Google AdSense.
  • Contextual text advertisements can look out of place on some websites due to their design and layout. There are a variety of ad formats that are not supported by Google AdSense that perform better on many websites.

Ads of Various Types

Now, let's take a quick look at the various ad formats that are available to publishers who are looking to make the switch from AdSense to an alternative.

  1. Targeted Text Ads: The most common type of targeted text ad is one that is text-based and is displayed in groups. They are specifically targeted to match the content of the site or the search phrase that brought them to the page on your site from a search engine.
  2. In-Text Ads: These types of advertisements appear when you hover your mouse cursor over specific text phrases. A small box appears, which typically contains an image, text, or video, as well as a link to the advertisement.
  3. Display ads: Display ads include images, headlines, body text, and other elements that are used to attract the attention of a viewer. Advertisements are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from eighth page to full page.
  4. Banner: These are the standard image advertisements that you see on many websites. They can consist solely of an image, or they can consist of an image with a text line above or below it. All orientations are available in a variety of sizes ranging from button size to half page.

Alternatives to Google AdSense are listed below.

Here is a list of the best ad networks that you can use instead of Google AdSense to generate revenue. Take your time and look over each and every one of them. A number of options should be available to you that will work well with your sites.

1. Media.Net as an AdSense Alternative

2. Taboola as an AdSense Alternative

3. RevenueHits as an Adsense Alternative

4. BidVertiser as an Adsense Alternative

5. PopAds as an Adsense Alternative

6. PopMyAds as an Adsense Alternative

7. PropellerAds Media

8. Vibrant Media

9. BuySellAds as an Adsense Alternative

10. Adversal

11. Revcontent as an alternative to adsense

12. PopCash as an Adsense Alternative

13. Skimlinks as an Adsense Alternative

14. ylliK

15. Amazon Associates

16. AdThrive as an Adsense Alternative

17. Adcash

18. Infolinks

19. Sovrn (Formerly VigLink)

20. Carbon Ads

21. AdNow

22. Criteo

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