How We'd Build It: The 2022 Range Rover, Land Rover's New Flagship Vehicle

The arrival of a new Range Rover is reason enough to jump on the internet and use its online configurator tool to see all of the possible configurations. The starting price of $105,350 for the redesigned 2022 model is really just a suggestion, as there are numerous expensive upgrades available, such as a long-wheelbase configuration, a fully loaded Autobiography trim level, a First Edition with special visuals, and a wide range of exterior and interior colors. We gathered a group of editors and asked them to choose their ideal specifications, from which we derived the following list.

The fact that Range Rovers are one of the few vehicles with six-figure price tags that are truly worth it has always been a source of pride for me, and I'm confident that will be the case with the new model. I went with a standard-wheelbase model in the P400 trim level because I enjoy the inline-six engine offered by Jaguar Land Rover. Despite the high $4500 option price, British Racing Green was an obvious choice for the exterior color, and the $1000 black contrast roof adds a touch of modernity to the overall look. Although 23-inch wheels are available, I opted for a set of 22-inchers for $2300 in an attempt to keep the ride quality as close to stock as possible. Few of the interior options piqued my interest, as even the base cabin appears to be luxurious, but I did opt for the $300 heated steering wheel and the $1200 sound-system upgrade, which I believe were both worthwhile investments. My spec comes out to a total cost of $115,050 when everything is added up.

Even though I believe in being frugal when it comes to purchasing an economy car, I believe in splurging when it comes to purchasing a high-end SUV such as the new Range Rover. The Autobiography trim level, which starts at $152,000 and adds features such as heated and cooled front seats with massage, a heads-up display, SiriusXM satellite radio, an integrated refrigerator in the front console, and an upgraded sound system, was my choice for this review. The V-8 engine is locked in if you choose the Autobiography, which is what I would have chosen anyway. With gloss Constellation Blue paint (a $4550 option) and the Shadow Exterior pack (an additional $1000), I went for a more understated exterior look to channel my inner James Bond villain. I upgraded to 23-inch gloss black wheels, which cost an additional $1500, to match the blacked-out interior trim. I chose Deep Garnet for the interior, which, to my surprise, did not increase the cost, but I did spend $1300 on Natural Black Birch veneer to match the exterior's black details while avoiding the fingerprint-attracting gloss black finish. Aside from that, I didn't change anything on the options list because the Autobiography model is already decked out to the hilt. The price of my Range Rover came to $161,700.

The Range Rover has been redesigned, and I think it looks good. Really, really good. Honestly, I'd be content with just about any configuration, but for this fantasy, I went with the long-wheelbase model and the Autobiography trim level. When you combine the two vehicles, the more powerful twin-turbo V-8 engine is automatically installed, and the additional interior space should make it even easier for rear seat passengers to ride in comfort. Among the many features available on the Autobiography are beautiful 22-inch wheels, massaging front seats, rear captain's chairs, an air purification system, a Meridian 35-speaker stereo system, a rear-seat entertainment system, and the latest in driver-assistance technology. I'd resist the temptation to experiment with one of the new satin paint finishes and instead opt for a classic metallic; the color that I particularly like is Belgravia Green. The SV Bespoke 22-inch wheel option, which costs $900, is also a favorite of mine. The standard black leather upholstery would be replaced with the rich saddle-colored Caraway theme, and the SV Bespoke walnut wood trim would be used throughout the interior. All told, I'm looking at a steep $158,250 price tag for this beauty, which is why it will remain a fantasy for the foreseeable future.

However, if I had to buy one, I'd opt for the standard wheelbase model rather than the new seven-seat model because I believe the new Land Rover Range Rover looks like a concept car that should have never been put into production (especially in the rear). I'm not going to get the ostentatious Autobiography or First Edition model because I don't want to add more excess to an already excessive SUV. Choosing the twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 with 523 horsepower is almost instinctive. Thank goodness Land Rover offers more color options than Jeep, so I've decided on Tourmaline Brown with a gloss finish, which will set me back $4,550. I'll also be adding the Shadow Exterior Pack, which will set me back $1000. The standard 21-inch wheels on this Range Rover are in poor condition, so the vehicle will be upgraded to 23-inch gloss black wheels for $3000 and black black brake calipers for $550. In addition, the roof must be painted black ($1000). In order to keep the price of my 2022 Range Rover as low as possible, I'm sticking with the base Windsor leather and Brown Walnut veneer trim rather than upgrading. This results in a $131,350 price tag for my Range Rover. That's Porsche 911 cash in your pocket.

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