In every way, this AMC Ambassador Wagon is a Suburban Schooner of the highest order

During the height of the Station Wagon craze, the Ford Country Squire was the undisputed leader, with competitors such as the AMC Ambassador wagon settling for second (or third) place. As a result, cars like this 1971 Ambassador Brougham wagon are becoming even more difficult to come by these days. This suburban schooner, which was sold at auction on Bring a Trailer, is a fantastic time machine.

This is primarily due to the fact that we haven't seen one in this condition since the Nixon Administration. According to the listing, the car has received some paintwork and could use some re-chroming to bring it up to date. The work appears to be of a high caliber, and the overall condition is remarkable in comparison. The fact that this car was built in Kenosha, Wisconsin, 50 years ago is evident in everything from the woodgrain to the interior to the wheels and (yes!) whitewall tires on the wheels and tires.

Then there's the technical specification. It is true that the Wagon Queen Family Truckster's Metallic Pea and Golden Lime Metallic are dangerously similar in color, but they are also perfectly period-correct. In the same way, the green vinyl interior is attractive, even if the contrast between the two shades of green appears jarring to our modern, all-grayscale sensibilities. An additional must-have is the sweeping woodgrain, and the rally wheels are also a big hit with us. This deluxe wagon is also equipped with factory air conditioning, which is set to the maximum setting for Desert Only. This car's lazy V-8 is AMC's 360-cubic-inch unit, which is connected to a three-speed automatic transmission, just like God intended.

As with the Fords and Chevys of the era, this AMC provides the same Wonder Years flashback experience. And, at long last, Ambassador received its just compensation when it was sold for $27,000 on October 18 on the Bring a Trailer website, following a total of 27 bids.

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