Study: Toyota's Most Valuable Brand, Tesla Grows the Fastest

In recent years, the industrial world has been volatile and unpredictable.

A recent study from Interbrand offers several perspectives on this phenomenon, one of which is by ranking the best global brands of 2021 based on value.

It's an inclusive list, so it's probably no surprise that tech giants like  Apple , Amazon, and Microsoft top the list.

To stay relevant, we will focus on the position of the automakers - where two names make the top ten. But, they may not be the automaker duo you think.

According to the study, Toyota leads all car manufacturers and occupies the seventh position in the Top 10, with a reported value of 54.1 billion US dollars.

That number increased five percent from the previous year.

Another car brand in the top ten is Mercedes-Benz , just behind Toyota in eighth place with 50.8 billion US dollars - up just three percent.

BMW came next with 41.6 billion US dollars, enough to make them sit 12th on the list.

Finally, we come to Tesla, listed at number 14 with a value of about 36.2 billion US dollars.

Despite not being in the Top 10 of Interbrand's studies in terms of value, Tesla really dominates when it comes to growth.

Covering the top 100 brands for 2021, Tesla's run in value was the most impressive with 184 percent!

PayPal and Adobe share a place in the second ladder. However, recording only 36 percent, their growth is very far compared to Tesla.

It should be noted that the figures differ on each interpretation.

For example, a similar study from BrandZ lists Tesla as the most valuable car manufacturer with a value of 42.6 billion US dollars.

They also reported Tesla posted a 275 percent gain for the 2021 period.

Toyota, on the other hand, came in second with $26.9 billion, which BrandZ said was a five percent drop from last year.

In the end, the conclusion that can be drawn is that Tesla continues to shock the automotive world on the financial side through extraordinary growth.

Whether the trend is sustainable or not, only time will tell.

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