The 2022 Honda Civic Si affirms its commitment to affordable performance

  • The Honda Civic Si, the sportier version of the 11th-generation Civic, will go on sale later this year.
  • The 1.5-liter turbocharged engine provides power once more, but this time with a wider powerband.
  • Honda is assisting in the #SavetheManuals movement by only offering the Civic Si with a six-speed manual transmission in 2022 models.

The Civic Si, a high-performance version of Honda's 11th-generation Civic, is the latest addition to the Civic family of vehicles. The 2022 Honda Civic Si will be available only in sedan form, and it will be powered by a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that will be mated to a six-speed manual transmission. A new package has been created that is slightly lower, longer, and wider than the one that was previously available.

In place of the dual-mass flywheel found in the previous-generation Civic Si, the 1.5-liter gets a single-mass flywheel that is 26 percent lighter. While power has been reduced by 5 horsepower to an even 200 horsepower, it is now more usable, reaching that figure at a heady 6000 rpm and only slightly dipping until the redline at 6500 rpm. Peak torque is now reached at 1800 rpm, which is 300 revs earlier than with the previous mill, and remains constant at 192 pound-feet until 5000 rpm. The power is converted into momentum by the front wheels, which are assisted by a standard helical limited-slip differential. The six-speed has 10-percent shorter throws, and Honda claims that the shift feel will be improved as well. The current Civic Type R has a standard rev-matching mode, which has been stolen for use in this vehicle.

The engine is now exhaled through a new exhaust system, which we hope will alleviate our concerns about the sound of the vehicle. Honda claims that the Si's exhaust system flow has been increased by 27 percent compared to the Civic sedan's in 2022. Due to the fact that both tailpipes have a loop right before they reach the tips, the exhaust can bang around a little longer and louder before exiting into the environment. Individual settings for the Civic Si's drive mode have been added, allowing the driver to fine-tune factors such as throttle response, rev matching, and steering effort to his or her preferences.

In comparison to the previous generation, the Civic Si boasts a wider track and longer wheelbase, which should provide greater stability at high speeds. The Type R also provides the compliance bushings for the front and rear suspension. The steering feel should be improved, which should be made possible by a stiffer torsion bar that is connected to the rack. All-season tires are standard on the 18-inch wheels, with summer tires available as an option. As an added bonus, when compared to the standard Civic, the Civic Si comes with larger brakes and thicker stabilizer bars.

The Civic Si distinguishes itself from the rest of the lineup with a more aggressive front bumper, exposed exhaust tips, and a gloss-black trunk-mounted spoiler. Mirrors and window surrounds are also finished in a glossy black finish. A longer lower cushion and integrated headrests are included in the well-bolstered front seats, which also provide additional thigh and shoulder support as well. Red contrasting trim is used throughout the interior, brightening up the door panels, steering wheel, and shift boot, as well as highlighting the trick honeycomb panel that runs across the center of the dashboard.

Though no pricing information has been released, we anticipate that the Civic Si will be priced similarly to the rest of Honda's new Civic lineup, which has largely avoided price hikes so far this year. It is possible that it will cost only a few hundred dollars more than the previous model, which had a sticker price of $26,195. You should be able to find the Honda Civic Si in dealerships later this fall.

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