The 2022 is a fantasy gift from Neiman Marcus for 2021

  • A special edition 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup truck has been created in collaboration with Barrett-Jackson for the luxury retailer's Fantasy Gifts list, which will be released later this year.
  • With only one available for purchase, it becomes even more exclusive; it also includes a custom interior designed by Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson; the asking price is an impressive $285,000 (plus applicable taxes and fees).
  • The lucky winner will receive free delivery of the vehicle to a location of their choosing anywhere in the continental United States, as well as several other experiences, including a trip to the Barrett-Jackson auction event in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the year 2020.

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus publishes its Fantasy Gift list every year, which features some of the most outrageous and exorbitantly priced holiday gifts available. One of the most anticipated vehicles on the list this year is the GMC Hummer EV pickup truck. However, only one will be available for purchase, and it will be customized by Barrett-Jackson, the world-renowned automotive auction house.

The special edition model, of which there will be only one produced, has been outfitted with custom interior features designed by Barrett-CEO, Jackson's who is also the company's president. The interior of the truck is decorated with two-tone leather upholstery, red-colored anodized metal accents, and several Neiman Marcus logos. A custom steering wheel with the Barrett-Jackson logo, as well as custom running boards and entry illumination lighting, complete the package.

They will not only be among the first to receive a GMC Hummer EV (production is not expected to begin until near the end of 2021), but they will also receive a slew of additional benefits, such as free installation of a charging system at their residence. As part of the gift, the CEO will receive a trip to Scottsdale for the 2022 auction, which will include access to the CEO's skybox as well as tickets to the opening-night gala.

The asking price for this one-of-a-kind Hummer is a whopping $285,000, which is $172,405 more than the truck on which it is based, the Edition 1. However, the extra goodies included in the sale as well as the exclusivity are benefits that are not available to every Hummer buyer. In addition, the Neiman Marcus department store chain will provide the owner of this model with preferred parking at their nearest store, making it even easier to indulge in even more luxurious shopping experiences. For added incentive, $10,000 of the sale price will be donated to the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation charitable organization as part of the transaction.

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