The M has been revealed, and it is attempting to recapture the magic of the original

  • goog_610859159The Mercedes-AMG SL will be available in two configurations in 2022: the SL55 and the SL63.
  • The SL will now have two-plus-two seating, which is one of the most noticeable changes. The vehicle also comes equipped with standard all-wheel drive, which is a first for the model.
  • The new SL will be available for purchase in dealerships in early 2022. The cost of the product has not yet been announced.

A car that used to be prominent in the public consciousness, the Mercedes SL has become less prominent in recent years. The SL was once widely regarded as a rolling symbol of success, but its luster began to fade with the introduction of the R230 generation in 2002, and the subsequent R231 generation, which was phased out after 2020, when the R230 generation was phased out. In an effort to shake off the gloom, the all-new Mercedes-AMG SL 2022 makes the most significant changes to the formula yet, rewriting the rules entirely.

The change in nomenclature is a clear indication that the AMG division has been tasked with the development of the new SL coupe. In the new SL, Mercedes claims that nothing under the skin of the new R232 generation is carried over from its predecessor or shared with the AMG GT roadster, which is based on the R232 architecture.

The SL55 and SL63 are the first two models to be released, both of which are powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8. The SL's engine, on the other hand, will be driving all four wheels for the first time, thanks to AMG's 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system, which is standard on both models.

In addition to a larger cabin, a shorter hood length, and a stubbier tail, the new SL has a smoother and rounder appearance. It also has a more powerful engine. The wheelbase of the new SL increases from 101.7 to 106.3 inches, representing a gain of nearly 5 inches between the axles. The overall length, on the other hand, increases by slightly less than three inches, to 185.2 inches. The width has increased by an inch and a half, bringing it to 75.4 inches. The cargo space is approximately the same as before, at 8.5 cubic feet, or 7.5 cubic feet with the roof folded down. For both models, the standard wheels are 20x9 inches up front and 20x11.5 inches at the rear, with 21s available as an option.

There are several options for the SL55, including a chrome package and an AMG Night package, while the SL63 is available with an AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber package and an AMG Aerodynamics package. The latter consists of an active aero element in the underbody in front of the engine that extends to increase downforce when the vehicle is in motion. SLs, on the other hand, are equipped with active louvers on the front air intakes as well as a retractable rear spoiler.

According to Mercedes design chief, Gorden Wagener, the new SL appears to be a carbon copy of the current AMG GT roadster. However, the current AMG GT will be redesigned soon, and when it does, "the difference [between the two cars] will be more." The new SL goes on sale this fall.

Unlike the previous two SL generations, which featured a retractable hard top, Mercedes has opted for a classic soft top for the new model, marking yet another significant departure for the company. In the words of Wagener, "If you start with a retractable hard top again, you will get what you have now, which is not appealing in my opinion."

When compared to the previous retractable hard top, the new triple-layer canvas roof weighs 46 pounds less and can be raised or lowered in 15 seconds while traveling at speeds of up to 37 mph. It also allowed Mercedes to increase the size of the SL's cabin without having to create a correspondingly larger boot to accommodate the car's massive folding hard top. The extended passenger compartment accommodates a pair of rear jump seats, a feature that was last available on the R107 model from the early 1980s.

Although the cabin is equipped with a digital instrument cluster and a large center touchscreen, they are not combined under a single piece of glass, as is the case with some Mercedes models. Instead, the SL makes use of separate screens, similar to those found in the new S-class. The 11.9-inch portrait-oriented center display in the roadster, on the other hand, can be adjusted in angle so that it is more easily seen when the top is down. Without a doubt, the infotainment system is powered by the most recent MBUX operating system, which includes the "Hey, Mercedes" digital assistant. As standard equipment, the SL63 includes active multicontour seats with massage, as well as Mercedes' Airscarf neck-level heating and (in the SL63) a head-up display.

Aside from the insane SL65 AMG Black Series, the R129 generation of the SL was arguably the last truly great SL. It was a high-tech tour de force for its time, and it was the last truly great SL. Aside from that, the new one raises the bar in terms of technology, bringing the full complement of Mercedes driver-assistance technologies to the SL. Included in this category are augmented video navigation, Distonic Plus with stop-and-go functionality, active steering assist with automated lane changing, and automated parking for perpendicular or parallel parking spaces, among others. When turning, the active brake assist now also keeps an eye out for oncoming traffic, and a new exit warning system warns occupants exiting the vehicle when vehicles are approaching from behind.

Inside, the SL forgoes the previously available twin-turbo V-6 in favor of two V-8s, which are more powerful. When used in conjunction with the SL55, the M117 V-8 produces 469 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. The SL63 version has 577 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque and is equipped with active engine mounts. AMG Speedshift MCT automatic transmission with Race Start launch control is standard equipment in both cars, and the hand-built engine is standard equipment in both cars. Mercedes claims that the SL55 will reach 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and the SL63 will do so in 3.5 seconds, according to factory estimates.

Jochen Hermann, Mercedes-chief AMG's technical officer, confirms that the new SL will also be equipped with the company's E Performance plug-in hybrid system. A 4.0-liter V-8 engine coupled with an electric motor driving the rear wheels could produce as much as 804 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque, depending on the configuration.

In addition to all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering is offered for the first time on the SL, and it is included as standard. The system shortens the turning circle by approximately two and a half feet, bringing it down to 40.4 feet in total length. The SL63 comes standard with an electronically controlled limited-slip rear differential, while the SL55 is available as an option. Ceramic-composite brake rotors are available as an option.

The SL is equipped with adaptive dampers, and the suspension has been upgraded to include hydraulic roll stabilization in place of anti-roll bars on the SL63 (optional on the SL55). An optional front-axle lift system can raise the front of the vehicle by 1.2 inches, and it can be programmed to remember a specific location (such as a steep driveway) and activate automatically when the vehicle is in that location. The addition of all-wheel drive and the conversion to a two-plus-two seating configuration result in an increase in curb weight of approximately 220 pounds.

In spite of all of these improvements, the R232 SL does not regain its position as Mercedes-flagship Benz's roadster, as it is forced to compete with the AMG GT roadster. Instead, it needs to be more of a grand tourer (hence the inclusion of rear seats and all-wheel drive), so that it can attract buyers who might have been interested in the now-discontinued S-class convertible in the first place.

The pricing for the 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL has not yet been announced, but we anticipate that the SL55's base price will be just under $100,000 and that the SL63's base price will be approximately 20% higher. The new SL will be available for purchase in dealerships during the first half of 2022. That's when we'll find out if it can reclaim its status as a rolling success symbol once more.

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