Tips for increasing your AdSense earnings in 10 easy steps

Follow the ten AdSense suggestions presented below and watch your earnings grow without taking any risks or violating any AdSense policies.

AdSense is one of the most popular ways to make money online, and it is also one of the most straightforward if you follow the proper procedures.

In order to do things correctly, I mean to adhere to standards and practices that are in accordance with AdSense guidelines while also contributing to the maximization of your revenue and earning potential.

In order to accomplish this, let's look at the most important AdSense tips that will assist you in doing so.

#1 Do not violate any of the AdSense policies.

Despite the fact that I have mentioned it three times so far in the article and we are only in the first AdSense tip, it is extremely important that whatever you do to increase your earnings does not conflict with these guidelines. You can find the complete set of guidelines here, but in general, avoid the following:

  • Clicking on your own advertisements for whatever reason (even testing them)
  • Purchasing web traffic or clicks
  • Creating advertisements that do not appear to be advertisements
  • Providing the user with only advertisements and no other content
  • Inviting your friends to click on the advertisements
  • Putting advertisements on websites with objectionable content is a good idea (adult, alcohol, gambling etc)

#2 Use Responsive AdSense Units as a second option.

We conducted several tests, and all of the results (which will be published in subsequent posts) indicate that responsive websites with responsive AdSense units outperform non-responsive websites.

If you have a responsive website, you can use Responsive AdSense Units to replace the advertisements on your site. This means that, depending on the amount of available ad space, AdSense will display the most relevant ad to the user (both in size and type).

Particularly for mobile websites, you will quickly discover that the 300250 resolution on mobile performs significantly better than the standard 32050 resolution.

#3 Display your advertisements in areas where users can see them.

The placement of advertisements is extremely important and can make a significant difference in the number of clicks and earnings.

While it's always preferable to have the ads above the fold (the area that users see without having to scroll), if this isn't possible, try to place the ads in the main body of the page rather than in the sidebar.

Caution: Google penalizes websites that have an excessive number of advertisements above the fold, so if you decide to include advertisements in the main content, do so at the end of the article.

#4 Increase the frequency with which you publish content.

The frequency with which you publish content on your website will vary depending on the type of website you have.

The idea is that frequent publishing will result in more visits to your website, and that more visits will result in more AdSense clicks and revenue as a natural byproduct.

#5 Optimize your website's loading time.

It has been proven that faster websites generate more ad clicks, so optimizing the speed of your website will eventually increase your earnings as well.

It is best not to use too many graphics and to remove any images that do not add value to the user experience but instead cause the site to load slowly.

#6 Disable all other ad networks.

If you want to make more money from AdSense, you can remove all other ad networks from your site and only use AdSense.

In addition to making your website load faster, it will also increase the visibility of your AdSense advertisements, which will result in more clicks and revenue for your company.

Certainly, more advertisements do not equate to more revenue, so it is always preferable to limit the number of advertisements on a page to three (even if you are not using AdSense).

#7 Identify your Adsense Referrers and work to make them more effective.

When you link your Google Analytics account to your Google Adsense account, you will be able to see which referrers are generating your AdSense revenue in Google Analytics. That information can be found under Behaviour -> AdSense -> AdSense Referrers -> AdSense Referrers.

Possibly, visits from Facebook or other social media networks result in AdSense revenue for your website, so it's a good idea to work on those and improve your presence in order to generate more traffic and revenue.

#8 Make use of standard advertisement sizes (both text and image)

When creating your ads, use the sizes that AdSense recommends as the most popular among their audience. These are typically 72890, 336280, 300250, and 300600 pixels in size. Advertisers may be less interested in other sizes, resulting in lower earnings for those sizes.

It is also important to ensure that your ads are configured to display both text and images, as this will increase the number of advertisers who will compete for your ad spaces, resulting in higher earnings per click.

#9 Test different ad variations with AdSense experiments, which you can find on Google.

AdSense Experiments are a feature of AdSense that is not widely known to users, but it is a useful one (found under My Ads in your AdSense account). It is possible to test different variations of the same ad spot and determine which one performs better using experiments.

For example, you could experiment with different link colors, border or no border, and so on. This feature is very simple to use, and you will be able to tell within a few days which of your advertisements is performing better.

#10 Do not make your website appear as if it was created specifically for AdSense (MFA)

AdSense is intended to improve the user experience (which it generally does in the majority of cases) by displaying relevant advertisements that may be of interest to the user.

That does not imply that your website should be primarily focused on advertisements; rather, your website's primary focus should be on the user experience and high-quality content.

Advertising with Google AdSense is a method of monetizing your content, not the reason for your website's existence.

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