8 Ways to Increase Google Adsense Earnings 2022

Currently your income from Google Adsense feels less than optimal. You can follow some tips on how to increase Google Adsense earnings below.

Tip 1: Increase Traffic

Both blogs and Youtube, all the same. One way to increase revenue from Adsense is to increase traffic.

A simple calculation like this, you with 10,000 traffic a month can earn 4,000,000 income.

By increasing traffic to 100,000 means your income, should also increase 10X.

How do you increase traffic? Actually, the tips are like the others:

  • Correct keyword research.
  • Create quality articles with SEO standards, here it's not just writing, but learn how Onpage SEO works.
  • Promote blogs, one of which has been carried out if you have made articles according to SEO rules.
  • Lastly, off-page SEO.

Because the first tips are not instant results, so please also optimize your income with the following tips.

Tip 2: Adsense Ad Placement

To get the best Google Adsense ad position or layout, all you need to do is just experiment.

Examples of one blog with another blog with the exact same placement, but the results can be different, it can even reach 70% difference.

Why ?

Depending on :

  • Niche, niche is very influential on the CTR and CPC of an ad, therefore it has the greatest influence.
  • Templates, with different templates even though the placement is the same, will still have an effect, it can be due to color and layout terms such as widgets, pages and posts.
  • Luckily, this is the most unreasonable, all have the same niche, template and ad placement, but the results are very far away.

While Youtube choose the placement that suits your video. If the video is long, you can place an ad in the middle of the video.

Tip 3: Creating URL & Custom Channels

Have you taken advantage of Custom Channels and URL Channels? If not, then you are missing out on valuable data that could help you earn high income from Adsense.

1. URL Channel

URL channels are useful for tracking the performance of certain pages or pages with certain URL patterns.

This is especially useful for those of you who have a hierarchical URL structure.

By knowing which pages contribute the most to your revenue, you can then perform the necessary optimizations to improve them again, such as multiplying pages in certain categories and so on.

However, you may only add a maximum of 500 URL Channels, so you can't track all pages independently.

2. Dedicated Channel

A Custom Channel can be thought of as a group of several ad units. Each ad unit can fit into up to 5 different custom channels.

Examples of using custom channels:

  • Grouping ads on certain parts of the website (posts, pages, forums and so on),
  • Groups all ads in a certain position (header, sidebar, content and so on).

Then you can easily track the performance of your ad in which section of the blog or position gives you the most results. Then perform the necessary further optimizations.

However, the real benefit of custom channels is that they can be directly targeted by advertisers.

If you set up a custom channel with placement targeting, then advertisers can book ad slots/spaces on your blog directly.

This makes the more auction bids on the space, the end result is that your CPC value will increase drastically.

In addition, placement targeting also increases your chances of getting non-cpc ads, i.e. CPM-based ads where you get paid just for displaying them (no clicks required).

Creating a custom channel is very easy, so if you don't create one, it means you are missing something very important for increasing Adsense revenue.

Tip 4: Follow Adsense Optimization Instructions

Then you can try to follow what is suggested by Google Adsense in the Optimization menu.

Like :

  • Using responsive advertising,
  • Using auto ads,
  • Using matched content,
  • Using AMP.

Tip 5: Rotate Ad Units

In addition to the optimization of the layout and ad units used. You can also rotate:

  • ad size,
  • ad placement,
  • ad type,
  • to ad design.

These tips are quite successful if, many loyal blog visitors, who already know the placement of ads on the blog.

Tip 6: Increase CPC and CTR

It's no secret, the more CPC and CTR increase, the income will increase.

To increase CPC, you can look for high-value niches and keywords, while for CTR the ad placement experiments have been discussed above.

Tip 7: Use Responsive Templates

For those who don't know at this time, there are more mobile users, the ratio is between 60%-70% mobile users and 30%-40% desktop users.

By using a responsive template design means that you have taken one action to increase your income.

I'm sure that now everything is responsive, if there is not, let's change it from now on.

Tip 8 : Integrate AdSense account with Google Analytics

By integrating Adsense account with Google Analytics.

You will know immediately which pages have high income or which pages have a lot of visits but low income.

If it happens like that, there are pages with high traffic but low income.

Then you only need to optimize the page in the ways discussed above, such as ad placement and others.

In essence this is very useful for optimizing income from Adsense.

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