Here's What You Need to Know about the Carnivore Diet

There are different types of diets that claim to help you lose weight. One type of diet that is still relatively new and trending is the carnivorous diet. What is a carnivorous diet? Is it safe to follow a carnivorous diet? Come on, see an explanation of the carnivorous diet below.

As the name implies, when you are on a carnivorous diet, you only eat meat-based foods or foods rich in protein and fat, and you are not allowed to eat foods that contain carbohydrates, including fruits and vegetables. Before going on a carnivorous diet, you need to first know the benefits and risks of undergoing this type of diet.

Benefits of Living a Carnivorous Diet

Some of the benefits of a carnivorous diet that you may get are:

Lose weight

Carnivorous diets are believed to be beneficial for weight loss. Because when on a carnivorous diet, you don't eat foods that contain carbohydrates, such as biscuits, cakes, sweets, and pasta. This can then lose weight when doing this diet.

Reduce the risk of depression

In some people, a carnivorous diet is believed to have the effect of reducing the complaints and psychological symptoms they experience, such as depression and anxiety. However, it is not yet known how this diet works in reducing psychological disorders. The effectiveness of this type of diet is also not necessarily the same for everyone.

Risk of Health Problems due to Carnivorous Diet

While the risks of health problems that can occur when doing a carnivorous diet are:

High blood pressure (hypertension)

Meat, which is the main food when undergoing a carnivorous diet, contains saturated fat and cholesterol. Saturated fat content can increase levels of bad fat (LDL) which increases a person's risk of experiencing disorders of the cardiovascular system.

While on this diet, you may also consume processed meats that contain a lot of sodium or salt. Foods that are high in sodium can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure.


When on a carnivorous diet, you are not advised to eat foods derived from plants. Whereas foods that come from plants, such as vegetables and fruit, contain fiber which is important for maintaining a healthy digestive tract and launching a bowel movement. This can increase a person's risk of having difficult bowel movements when on a carnivorous diet.

A carnivorous diet, may have some benefits, but no studies have tested the effectiveness of this type of diet, and not everyone can go on this type of diet. Before deciding to go on a carnivorous diet, you are advised to consult a nutritionist first.

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