How To Increase AdSense Earnings In 2022 (10 Best Tips)

Are you looking for ways to enhance your AdSense earnings and revenue? You've arrived to the right location.

Every internet hustler has the goal of making money from their website. In 2022, Google AdSense will be one of the most profitable ways to make money online.

The first step in making money with AdSense is to set up your site; the second is to apply for AdSense and be authorized; and the third is to deal with the problem of low CPC (Cost Per Click), which we will address in this post. The money from advertisers is split 32:68 between Google and the publishers, meaning Google gets 32 percent and the publishers get 68 percent. Every month on the 21st, you will be paid as a publisher. Many bloggers have converted their blogs into full-time businesses since it is a great way to make money online. So, if your AdSense CPC is low, I'll teach you several strategies to assist you raise your AdSense profits. I used to earn $ 0.01 every click, but with the advice I'm about to provide you, you can increase your AdSense profits by at least 40%.

In 2022, here are the top 10 tips for increasing AdSense earnings.

  1. Choose keywords with a high CPC.
  2. Use the best ad placement techniques.
  3. With Google Analytics, you can track your AdSense clicks.
  4. Improve the speed of your blog page
  5. Use Ads with Links
  6. Using competitive filters, you may block low-paying ads.
  7. Increase AdSense profits by using the AMP plugin.
  8. Increase the number of visitors to your blog
  9. Color coordinate your ads with your content.
  10. Use a text and display ad unit that is responsive.

The truth is that AdSense does not operate the same way for everyone, so you'll have to keep experimenting until you find the optimal option for your site.

The following are the most effective ways to boost your AdSense profits, all of which are compliant with Google's AdSense guidelines and TOS (Term of service)

Choose keywords with a high CPC.

The average Adsense CPC you get is determined by the keyword and topics you write about. It may seem complicated, but I'll break it down for you so you can understand it better.

Advertisers bid higher on certain keywords that they are targeting in AdSense, and the more keywords that appear on your article, the better your chances of achieving a high AdSense CPC and so increasing your revenue.

But how can you know which keywords are worth a lot of money to an advertiser?

I recommend using the keyword research tool Long Tail Pro to find out the CPC of various phrases. It helps you to quickly and easily filter out the best "buyer" keywords. Semrush is another option.

Longtail pro keyword CPC is demonstrated in the gif below. I searched for the term affiliate marketing, and it returned a list of comparable keywords as well as the CPC for each.

Consider targeting affiliate marketing companies with a CPC of $15.70, which will almost certainly result in a significant increase in your Adsense earnings.

All you have to do now is use the above-mentioned tool to locate high CPC keywords, write a descriptive post about the topic, and watch your earnings grow.

Use the best ad placement techniques.

When it comes to ad placement on your site, the most important thing is that your ads are put where they will receive the greatest exposure and awareness. However, make sure the ads are placed in accordance with AdSense's guidelines and do not disturb visitors.

If you have a WordPress blog, I recommend a few of the positions below. Header Ads: You should put 72890 leaderboard image Ads on your header to boost visibility and CTR (Click Through Rate). Content Section: Depending on the length of your post, I recommend using 300250 banner display advertisements at the start of the content, below the post title, and additional similar ads at the end of the post, before the comment section. For extended articles only, you can add advertising in the middle of your text. Sidebars Section: I don't recommend putting ads in the sidebar because they rarely get clicked, but you can test it out.

With Google Analytics, you can track your AdSense clicks.

Linking your blog to Google Analytics increases your AdSense earnings while also allowing you to track your site's real pageviews.

If you haven't yet linked your blog to Google Analytics, you should do so right now to take use of their fantastic capabilities.

AdSense, on the other hand, suggests that you link your AdSense account to Google Analytics so that they may monitor the performance of your pages and traffic source. It also allows you to track your clicks and determine which Ads unit performs better.

If you have a WordPress blog, I recommend the Monster Insights Analytics WordPress plugin, which is one of the best analytics plugins available. Install it, activate it, and set it up in a few minutes by following the instructions.

Improve the speed of your blog page

Is page speed a factor in AdSense earnings? Let me explain how Page Speed affects AdSense profits. Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors who are looking for a solution to their problem and go straight to Google to find it. No visitor wants to waste a minute waiting for a webpage to load. As a result, a slow website will have a higher bounce rate, resulting in lower AdSense earnings. I propose reading this article from my theme shop on how to boost your blog page speed and reduce bounce rate to discover how to do so.

Use Ads with Links

The truth is that while links ads have a lower CPC, they nevertheless enhance CTR (Click Through Rate). They should not be overlooked because they improve the quantity of clicks you receive as well as your Adsense earnings. 

Using competitive filters, you may block low-paying ads.

To be honest, I don't do this one in particular, but you can give it a shot. You can block all advertisers who give you low CPCs and only work with high-paying advertisers. To do so, go to your Adsense dashboard through your browser, go to Blocking Control from the menu, select the domain name you want to work on, and you'll see a list of categories you can block.

Increase AdSense profits by using the AMP plugin.

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is a WordPress plugin that speeds up your site's mobile version while also serving as a ranking factor. There is an official AMP plugin made by WordPress, however it does not enable AdSense ads. However, if you absolutely want to utilize AdSense with the Official AMP plugin, there is a way to alter it. Install this WordPress plugin called New Adman to use AdSense on the AMP plugin. Then go in to the Google Adsense dashboard and go to the Ads overview section. Copy the AMP AdSense code from the AMP version and put it into the New Adman plugin.

Increase the number of visitors to your blog

Increasing your visitor count will significantly boost your AdSense earnings. Because traffic equals money in any PPC network, including AdSense, focus on increasing your page views while avoiding any policy violations to keep your AdSense account secure. 

Color coordinate your ads with your content.

Blend the color of your ads with the color of your content. Making the ad's background and border colors the same as the site's primary color is all it takes. You have complete control over the color of your Title, Background, Border, Links, and so on.


  • Use the same color for your content text and your ads.
  • Avoid using distractingly bright hues.
  • Make sure your adverts match the color scheme of your website.
  • Make the ads' colors so that they don't draw too much notice.

Use a text and display ad unit that is responsive.

These ad units include text and visual elements and act as a sort of bridge between text and banner ads. Making these ads adaptable allows them to look well on a variety of devices with varied screen sizes. Text and graphics Ads aid in increasing ad impressions and, as a result, your CPM (cost per impression), That's it! I hope this article provided you with some AdSense suggestions to help you boost your earnings. There are other ways to make money from your site than Google AdSense. If you wish to diversify your income from your blog, Learn how to promote affiliate deals and increase your earnings. Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for additional online money-making tips.

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