Google Lens is now prominently displayed on Google search pages

Google Lens was launched back in 2017 as a Pixel exclusive feature, and made it to all Android and iOS devices a few months later, in 2018, via Google Photos. Meanwhile, the service has grown and developed, and apparently, has now grown so fast that Google feels like it's on its home page.

To quote Rajan Patel, Google's VP of Engineering for Search, Image Search, and Lenses, the Google home page doesn't change very often. So when that happens, it's a pretty big deal. Starting today, the Google Lens icon proudly sits next to the microphone in the search box on

If you press the Lens icon, you will get what you see in the screenshot above. You can drag and drop any image, or upload a file, or paste an image link. Once you do, you'll get visual matches for your images from across the web, as well as the ability to extract (and translate) text.

The leading real estate that the Lens icon now occupies could help more people realize they can visually search on Google - that feature has always been around, but we bet it's not very findable. Only time will tell if that changes from now on.

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