GPX Introduces Roadster Neo-Retro Legend 250, Stylish and Sporty

In recent years, the neo-retro trend has begun to enter the motorcycle segment with smaller engine capacities.

In a region favoring such engines, a number of companies have released smaller iterations of popular high-capacity neo-retro engines, such as the Yamaha XSR155  or  Honda CB150R .

In fact, boutique manufacturers like CCM also don't want to miss taking advantage of the retro aesthetic hype. 

To add to the trend of small to mid-engine retro motorcycles, Thai brand GPX has also introduced the Legend 250 - a sleek, classic style roadster that surprisingly packs premium features.

This motorcycle will compete in the entry-level mid-size segment against the Honda H'Ness CB350 and Royal Enfield Classic 350, although it is slightly inferior in engine capacity.

In terms of styling, the Legend 250 is very understated. The standard fuel tank, one-piece seats and round headlights are a perfect recipe for classic motorcycle aesthetics.

However, upon closer inspection, it is clear that GPX also thought well of the Legend 250's design.

We found some premium features hidden behind its retro styling, giving the two-wheeled a modern touch.

For example, the Legend 250 gets full LED headlights and a digital LCD instrument pod.

He even got oversized motorcycle-like components, such as an inverted fork and dual front disc brakes.

In terms of performance, this bike is not the best, considering that the GPX Legend 250 only packs 15 horsepower from its 234cc parallel-twin motor.

Power is not even as strong as we find in a single cylinder engine with a smaller size.

However, it is a natural thing. The GPX Legend 250 is not a motorcycle for performance.

Instead, he is more aimed at traveling around the city in style, while flaunting a sporty appearance.

GPX has yet to reveal pricing or availability of the new Legend 250.

However, he will most likely be sold in the Asian region - especially Southeast - with a tag of around 2,500 US dollars (Rp 35.3 million).

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