Hyundai Brings Back The Idea Of Folding Scooter In The Luggage

Wouldn't it be nice and practical when you could park your vehicle in the parking lot, then not walk from the parking lot to your office?

This is because you have a "personal mobility vehicle" in the form of an electric scooter that is tucked away in your trunk and can be folded neatly.

Although, the idea is actually not new. Previously Honda also had a cute Motocompo folding bike that fit inside a Honda City from the 1980s.

You may still be able to buy some great mobility vehicle combinations from auctions and used vehicle listings, some even brand new.

However, Hyundai may have something similar in the near future, thanks to several patent filings spotted by automotive media The Drive .

his electric scooter is archived under the name "folding personal mobility vehicle."

The document was published by Patent Guru around 2017, although the publication only took place in 2019.

As you can see in the important illustration below, the mobility vehicle device is indeed relatively small in size.

And most importantly, this tiny vehicle can be tucked into the trunk of a Hyundai car which is located just under the floor of the car.

Initial submissions even show the foldable scooter mounted inside the door panels.

Most of the previously issued patents describe the folding mechanism of the scooter.

However, later patents indicated the addition of a battery, hinting at the possible electrification of the scooter.

The latest one, just published this month, was discovered by The Drive , which describes some important details like charging and pedestrian safety.

According to the patent, this upcoming Hyundai electric scooter comes with a charging mechanism under the trunk.

Meanwhile, the sound of a fake engine will be generated by the electric scooter, so pedestrians will be aware of its presence from behind.

Will we see this personal mobility vehicle in a Hyundai Tucson or even a new Santa Cruz (not pickup) truck ? Still uncertain.

Patents don't always reach the production stage, though we can't say we don't approve of this pretty cool idea.

Regarding when this scooter will be produced, it is also still a guessing game until now.

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