4 Ways to Overcome Telegram Verification Code Not Entering

Like other instant messaging applications, you need to use a verification code to log into your Telegram account. But sometimes the Telegram verification code does not enter even though it has been successfully sent.

So to enter your Telegram account, you only need to enter the verification code sent by Telegram, just like WhatsApp. No need for an email address or password like when you want to log in to Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Especially if you want to log in to your Telegram account on a desktop device like a Windows computer. You must log in to your Telegram account on your mobile device first, because the verification code when logging in on a desktop device is sent via Telegram messages, not via SMS.

You will need the Telegram login code every time you want to log into your Telegram account. Can I login to a Telegram account without a verification code? the answer is no because the verification code works like a password.

In addition to entering the 5-digit verification code sent by Telegram, you can also enter or login to Telegram by visiting the link that was also sent by Telegram along with the verification code.

By clicking on the available link other than faster input verification code errors will not occur. Then what if the verification code or Telegram account login code doesn't come in or you don't receive it?

Don't panic, this time I will explain some of the causes and how to overcome them. Want to create a group on Telegram for a specific forum? You can read an easy way to create a group on Telegram with many members.

Telegram Verification Code Solution Doesn't Come In

1. Make sure the number is correct

There's nothing wrong with making sure the number you use to register a Telegram account. Sometimes it's because you're in a hurry or negligent when you want to enter your Telegram account, the number you entered is wrong.

Make sure the number you input is the same as the number in your Telegram account. Even if you remember your username or account username, when you log in, you still have to verify using the registered number.

2. Make sure your number can receive incoming SMS

You don't receive the Telegram entry code, it can also happen because the number you have can't receive incoming SMS. There are quite a lot of reasons why phone numbers can't receive incoming SMS.

For example, because you lock the network to 4G only, the VoLTE Smartfren feature is not activated, or because of other factors such as the network being interrupted or the phone memory is so full that it cannot receive new SMS.

3. Verification Code Sent Via Telegram Message

If I'm not mistaken, before your Telegram account logs into the device, a verification code when you want to enter will be sent via SMS. But if you have logged in at least 1 device, especially a mobile device, then the verification code will then be sent via Telegram message.

So don't panic if your Telegram account login code doesn't come in even though you've re-sent the verification code. You can check your Telegram account then there will be a message from Telegram.

4. Telegram Crash

And the last one is because the Telegram server is experiencing problems. If you are in trouble there is nothing you can do. You just need to wait until the Telegram server is back to normal.

In conclusion, the first login must be sent via SMS, therefore make sure your number is active and can receive SMS. As for the next login, a verification code will be sent via a Telegram message.

Like sending a verification code or other OTP code, the code you will receive is sometimes fast and sometimes takes a long time. If it's long you just have to wait and if it hasn't been entered you can resend it.

The discussion about the Telegram verification code is only limited to that, because in my experience the verification code enters very quickly. For example long, most likely because of the operator you are using.

In addition to how to solve the Telegram login code not being sent, you can also read how to close the correct Telegram desktop application. Even if you press close, the Telegram application on Windows will still run and notifications will still appear.

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