How to Get Free Coins on Line 2022

How to get free coins on line is actually quite easy, this popular LINE messenger application has a Sticker feature of various and interesting types to own and show off to friends. But not infrequently when we want a sticker, the sticker is not free, you have to have a number of coins to be able to download it. So now we're going to tell you how to get free coins online? let's see more

How to Get Free Coins on Line

  1. You must first install this Line application, you can download it via Google Play.
  2. If you have installed Line, select the More menu > Free Coins:
  3. Then a list of applications will appear that gives you free Coins when you download the application.
  4. Select an application to install
  5. After the application has been successfully installed, don't forget to run the application so that the coins can accumulate into your account. To check whether the free coins have been obtained or not, you can check through More > Settings > Coins, if it turns out that the free coins have not appeared or accumulated, run the application that was just downloaded for about 5 minutes.

How to Get Free Coins on the Line above is the safest and official way, you can also use these coins to buy cool stickers that can make your friends jealous :).

You can also get free coins on line by taking surveys, usually in the survey application there is an option to redeem points to line credit, now this feature allows you to exchange the points you get while filling out surveys on certain applications to line credit which you can later use to buy coins on line and even game items, of course games that use Line to login.

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