How to Clear Android App Data

In addition to forcibly stopping the application, you can also solve the error application by deleting the related application data. By clearing data all application data will be lost including setting data.

You can do this method if the application still has an error even though you have forced it to stop, you have updated it, and you have rebooted the device you have. As the name suggests, clear app data will delete all data in the app.

Deleting data is actually the same as uninstalling the application and then reinstalling the application that you uninstalled earlier. That way the application will be fresher because it has not been used and there is no data at all.

The problem is that the settings or application menu settings on each Android device are different. So users have difficulty accessing application info because to be able to delete data you have to access info from the related application.

Can app data be deleted? Of course you can. But you need to know that if an application's data is deleted, all settings and settings will be lost. For example, if you delete data in the WhatsApp application, all messages on WhatsApp will be lost if you don't do a backup first.

There are two options in app info, namely clear cache and app data. First, you can try clearing the cache first so you don't bother. If clearing the cache doesn't work then you try to clear the application data by considering the data in the application.

To be more clear, I'll just explain how to delete data in the application to solve application errors. But before continuing, you can read how to easily hide apps on Samsung.

Tutorial on Clearing Application Data on Android

Step 1: I will explain directly through the App Drawer. Because if you go through Settings or Settings on each Android, it's different. You hold down the application that you want to delete data and then select App Info or Application Info

Step 2: After being on the application info page, please select Clear data

Step 3: Select Clear all data to clear all app data. Meanwhile, to clear cache, you can select Clear cache

Step 4: Confirm the deletion process by pressing OK

So that you can easily access application info directly by long pressing the application when it is in the app drawer or when on the main screen. Because if you access through settings or settings, some will be confused because they are different.

After the application data is deleted the application will be like new, if you need an account then you need to log in or log back in. Therefore, as I said earlier, before deleting it, you must consider the existing data.

That's all I can explain about how to delete application data on Android. In addition to application data, if you are curious about the version of the application you are using, you can read articles on how to find out the version of the installed application.

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