How to turn off the sound of the cellphone camera so it doesn't make a sound

The sound of the HP camera shutter sounding "crack" for me and most people is a problem in itself when I want to take pictures. That's why I always turn off the sound of the cellphone camera so it doesn't sound when it is used to take pictures or record.

The sound that makes you nervous because people around will know that you are taking photos. It's not just because they're nervous, most of them will feel uncomfortable because they're caught taking photos, whether it's just a photo of a landscape or a photo of someone.

In Indonesia, users can turn off the sound in the camera application easily and it will definitely turn off or not sound. Whereas in some countries like Japan, you will not be able to do this.

For the sake of privacy in Japan all cell phone cameras will beep to let people know that someone is secretly taking their photo. You can remove the HP camera sound not only in the default camera application, but in third-party camera applications you can also do it.

What is clear is that because it concerns user convenience, the camera shutter sound setting must be in the camera settings. Unfortunately, there are still many who don't know how to disable it and there are still many who don't know which settings to disable.

Therefore, this time I will explain how to make the HP camera silent when used to take pictures and record videos. Before going to the method, you can read the solution to overcome the reverse camera on Android, because this problem often occurs who knows you will experience it too.

Steps to Turn Off or Disable Camera Sound on Android Phones

Step 1: You open the Camera app first

Step 2: After that you access the menu and select Settings or Settings

Step 3: In your camera settings look for Shutter Sound or Shutter Sound settings

Step 4: So that the camera shutter doesn't sound, please turn off or turn off the Shutter Sound or Shutter Sound

In short Shutter Sound or Shutter Sound is the sound of the camera shutter when the shutter button is pressed. So don't be confused if you want to turn off the sound on your cellphone camera or cellphone you have.

Just turn off Shutter Sound or Shutter Sound will normally no longer sound. For example, it has been turned off but still sounds you can switch your device mode to vibrate or silent so that the shutter sound doesn't really sound.

In addition to how to turn off the sound of your cellphone camera, you also need to know the solution to not being able to record video. There are several reasons why the camera application on the cellphone cannot be used to record, one of which is because of the bug factor.

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