Not up to IDR 3 million can change the old Toyota Calya and Daihatsu Sigra into new

  • Toyota Calya 2022 and Daihatsu Sigra 2022 undergo minor changes.
  • The price increase for these two cars is quite significant.
  • Owners of the old Toyota Calya - Daihatsu Sigra can change it to a new model.

The presence of the Toyota Calya 2022 and Daihatsu Sigra 2022 is indeed interesting to continue to discuss. Considering that although this is a new model, the changes are not too significant compared to the first facelift that Toyota and Daihatsu did in 2019. Now, because it's just a facelift, some changes in Calya - Sigra 2022 can also be applied to the old model. The trick is of course with a slight modification process. Interestingly, the required budget is actually cheaper!

1. Smoked Headlights

First, if you want Calya 2022 or Sigra 2022 headlights that use smoked accents, this step is actually easy to do. Some repair shops or car lamp modification specialist shops can also turn ordinary lamps into black accents like this.

The price starts from IDR 1 million for the left and right lights. If you want even more, you can do it yourself. The trick is to remove the headlights of your car's headlights, then open the glue on the lights with a heatgun until the mica lights come off the other parts. Then use black spray paint, and paint the inside of the lamp so that smoked accents appear.

2. Upper Front Grill

Another change in the Toyota Calya 2022 and Daihatsu Sigra 2022 is the upper grille. In Calya wear Black Chrome Gloss, while in Sigra Black Gloss. Now this black grille can also be changed from the previous Calya-Sigra model because there is no revision of the shape or dimensions.

You can use Black Gloss spray paint which costs Rp. 45 thousand. To paint the front grille or rear garnish, one can of spray paint is enough. Or you can cover it with a Black Gloss cutting sticker. If you come to a car sticker cutting specialist, the cost of covering the top grille, including the rear garnish, is around IDR 100,000.

3. Front Grill

The most crucial change from the latest Calya and Sigra is in the front grille. For the new Calya, the front grille has now been changed to a geometric-accented design and is plated with chrome. While the Sigra is still the same as the old model.

So if you want to change your look to a Toyota Calya 2022 style, all you have to do is buy the same grille. In aftermarket shops, there may not be a grill similar to this one, but you can use a honey comb grille that looks more sporty. The price is Rp. 300 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand.

4. Rims

Calya - Sigra 2022 also underwent changes to the wheels. The diameter and width are the same, but the color combinations are different. So if you really want to keep the same model, then you can come to a car wheel paint shop. If you just change the color without any repairs, with a ring size of 14 wheels, the repaint costs around Rp. 200 thousand to Rp. 300 thousand per wheel. So for 4 wheels, you need

around Rp. 1 million.

5. Shark Fin Antenna

Now the last other minor change that can be found on the new Toyota Calya and Daihatsu Sigra 2022 is the use of shark fin antennas aka Shark Fin Antenna. For the old type Calya and Sigra, the radio antenna still uses a short stick type. There are lots of shark fin antennas sold in car accessories shops, both online, which are sold through e-commerce and offline. You just choose the color that matches your Calya-Sigra body color. And this antenna is universal, just plug and play. The price is only Rp. 50 thousand.


If you only make modifications independently, then to change the old Toyota Calya or Daiahtsu Sigra to be new in appearance, then the cost is not up to Rp. 3 million. Interesting?

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