Wuling Almaz RS 2022 Review

A modern SUV with a capacity of 5-7 passengers relying on a DOHC 1,451 cc Turbocharger engine equipped with WISE smart technology to present a functional Internet Car ecosystem. Present as a newcomer, a car brand from China called Wuling Motors seems to be still expanding its market dominance in Indonesia. This of course cannot be separated from the evidence of Indonesian consumers who received some of Wuling's newest cars with fairly high sales levels. So, don't be surprised if the condition of the country's market interest in Wuling cars, which is quite high, has made the Chinese manufacturer start to develop it. One of them is by presenting another type of modern SUV called the Wuling Almaz RS which was officially released on March 29, 2021 at BSD City, South Tangerang.

Interestingly, this latest Wuling car comes with the latest technology called WISE (Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem).

Where, the Intelligent Digital Car-based feature complements the needs of its users. Starting from the entertainment system (entertainment), online navigation, to voice command with high functionality. The engine is also very reliable with the support of a DOHC Turbocharger with a capacity of 1.5 liters and is supported by a CVT transmission system. So, it will certainly provide a very strong power to support driving comfort on all terrain roads.

Well, to know more about Wuling's latest SUV, here Mas Sena will provide an explanation of the specifications and prices of the Wuling Almaz RS as a reference for friends who want to know more about this sophisticated car.

Regarding the price of the latest Wuling Almaz RS, of course, this is quite important information to know in depth. However, before discussing the price tag, you need to understand first that this car is a modern SUV designed with a futuristic concept.

This can be seen clearly on the exterior with the placement of LED lights on the front and rear.

In fact, the interior is very comfortable thanks to the support of advanced features. Such as the entertainment system that has been integrated with a 10.4-inch touch screen and several other features that support each other. Then, in terms of energy, there is also no need to doubt. Because, this Wuling SUV car has been equipped with a DOHC 1.5 liter Turbocharger engine with a choice of two transmissions, namely an 8-speed CVT and a 6-speed manual.

Well, regarding the nominal question, friends, you don't have to wait. Because the price information for the Wuling Almaz RS has now been released to the public since the announcement of its presence in Indonesia.

Where, for the price of the Wuling Almaz RS itself, it is divided into 3 choices with a range between Rp. 340 million to Rp. 254 million.

First, for the price of the Wuling Almaz RS type 1.5T EX 5 seats, it is rumored to have a price of Rp. 340.8 million. Then, for the price of the Almaz RS EX 7 seat variant, the price is a little more expensive, which is IDR 350.3 million. Meanwhile, the price of the Wuling Almaz RS Pro 7 seat is priced at IDR 354.8 million. However, it is necessary for friends to understand that all of the prices above are On The Road for the Jakarta area. This means, there will be a slight price difference when later sold outside the OTR area.

At least, overall, friends can understand the advantages and disadvantages as well as the specs and prices of this Wuling Almaz RS for consideration.

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